Module for Teachers

English, Teachers
  • 17 students
  • 14 lessons
  • 2 quizzes
  • 10 week duration
17 students

Our societies are increasingly becoming intercultural, which leads to new opportunities and challenges. Teachers and educators need to develop competences that could support them in managing intercultural environments and promote intercultural dialogue among young people.

In this module, teachers will find activities on how to foster intercultural dialogue among their students and how to deal with cultural clashes. Indeed, this module is aimed at providing teachers with knowledge and activities for better managing diversity at school.

Indicative time of module completion: 8 hours

Learning Objectives
  • To provide teachers with knowledge, activities and tools aimed at raising students’ awareness of cultural differences.
  • To increase teachers’ competences in managing intercultural environments and cultural clashes that might arise in their daily work.
  • To increase teachers’ competences in sensitizing students to their shared identities with their classmates as well as the diversity of identities in the classroom, building community and encouraging empathy.
  • To be able to make learners act as part of one group where everyone can express freely his/her opinion.
  • To be able to support the development of students’ communication, social and personal skills.

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