Module for Mentors

English, Mentors
  • 5 students
  • 17 lessons
  • 2 quizzes
  • 10 week duration
5 students

Newly arrived TCN students face different challenges in the new school environment. These challenges may be strictly related to didactics, but also to their interaction with peers and participation to the school social life. It could be important for them to receive the support from older students who have faced similar challenges and setbacks. Indeed, a mentoring programme would support both the educational and social inclusion of newly arrived TCNs.

This module will support mentors in better understanding what they role would be and how they could support their mentees. In here, mentors will find approaches and tools that can be used during their mentoring journey.

Indicative time of module completion: 10 hours

Learning Objectives

  • To provide mentors and potential mentors with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively support their mentees.
  • To develop communication and social skills helpful for the establishment of a good relationship with the mentee.
  • To learn new activities that could be used during the mentor-mentee meetings.

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